Apr 14, 2014


some thoughts are so private that you only share them with a therapist or 17,000 people on the internet

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Apr 13, 2014
They really were dumbasses and savage maniacs, but to the young guys who didn’t know any better, they were Ferrari-driving gods.
Joshua Brown, Business Insider 
Apr 11, 2014
While 20 years ago a young lawyer and a new college instructor might have commiserated about their jobs over coffee and doughnuts, today the lawyer would be able to invite the assistant professor out for a meal at a restaurant with two sommeliers and a cheese expert.
Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, The New York Times
Apr 11, 2014
Higher status people were also more likely to help themselves to candies that they had been told were intended for children.
Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, The New York Times
Apr 10, 2014
They taste just like Haribo’s gummy bears, but are in round format.
Reviewer “Amazon Customer” on Haribo Roulettes, Amazon
Apr 5, 2014
In an 1893 book called ‘What Can a Woman Do,’ a guide for women looking for income, the suggested professions include lady journalist, dentist, poet, and hen-keeper.
Susan Orlean, The New Yorker
Apr 3, 2014
Warning: although the story is several thousand years old, the following technically contains spoilers from Paramount Pictures’ Noah, starring Russell Crowe.
Jack Jenkins, ThinkProgress
Mar 25, 2014
And, thanks to its famous nitrogen-forced ink well technology, the Space Pen writes upside down, underwater, and—yes I’ve tested it— through a pat of rich, creamery butter.
Merlin Mann, 43 Folders
Mar 13, 2014
The first task a would-be snake charmer must tackle is to get a snake.
Mar 13, 2014
Do all baby pictures have to be carved out of a block of solid saccharine?
Phillip Toledano, The Reluctant Father
Mar 11, 2014
Since he also favors straight ties, this creates a very deliberate, upward-pointing arrow effect on the front of his body, guiding the viewer’s eye directly to his face — not a bad strategy if you look like Jon Hamm.
Antonio Centeno, Real Men Real Style
Mar 10, 2014
There is a way back from almost anything, and once you acknowledge that, you can proceed with more confidence.
Jonathan Fields, quoted by Warren Berger in Co.Design
Mar 9, 2014
Animals, says Mooallem, are ‘free-roaming Rorschachs.’
Robert Krulwich quoting writer Jon Mooallem, NPR.org
Mar 9, 2014
Life is too short to be upset over dancing.
Commenter PaulaB.Artist, Salon
Mar 1, 2014
Become familiar with the structure of a sestina before writing one.
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