Oct 4, 2014
I choose to be in the light, but I have access to the darkness.
Alan Cumming, quoted by Michael Schulman in The New York Times
Sep 21, 2014
iOS 8 problems tell Grimm tales: Slow, Laggy, Bloaty, Crashy, Buggy, Drainy and Doc
Headline, Computer World
Sep 14, 2014
In the same way Cool Ranch Doritos gratify certain taste receptors that are probably not very good for my digestive tract, things like Twitter or Reddit or even OkCupid gratify our tastes in ways that should probably best be left unsated.
Christian Rudder, quoted by Andrew Leonard in Salon 
Sep 1, 2014
This is the sadness at the heart of things – that we left the fresh fruit unfinished; that we did not suck and savor its every fiber, down to the stone, down to the pith.
David Shafer, Salon
Aug 30, 2014
The risks of public dogfooding, specifically that a company may have difficulties using its own products, may reduce the frequency of publicized dogfooding.
Aug 27, 2014
Eggs should be hot out of the hen, then cooled or cooked.
Julia Child, quoted by Pinto at Democratic Underground
Aug 27, 2014
We are happy when we have family, we are happy when we have friends and almost all the other things we think make us happy are actually just ways of getting more family and friends.
Dan Gilbert, quoted by Belle Beth Cooper in Buffer
Aug 27, 2014
Sometimes it helps to picture Twitter as a network of overlapping concentric circles—made bigger by retweets, modified tweets, interactions, faving, hate-faving, subtweeting, snarking, trolling, etc., etc., until they get so big and the network gets so crowded that you can’t see the circles themselves anymore.
Adrienne LaFrance and Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic
Aug 27, 2014
I realize that your e-degree in Know-it-All-ogy is impressive to some but I’ll pass.
Heidi, Attack of the Sugar Monster FAQ 
Aug 24, 2014
Glutens, starches and malts were not given the remotest opportunity to convert to their digestible potentials, in a sickly anti-nutrient-laden, gluepot stew.
 I. N. Cognito, Nourished Magazine
Aug 6, 2014

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Aug 6, 2014
The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.
C.G. Jung (via wordsnquotes)

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Aug 4, 2014
Each time we don’t say what we wanna say, we’re dying.
Yoko Ono (via fawnesia)

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Aug 2, 2014
I think that a huge problem is people who read comics and don’t understand the point of superheroes, which is to be the best version of yourself. You love Captain America? Well, you know what Captain America would never do? Go online anonymously and shit on a girl for having an opinion.
Brian Michael Bendis, quoted by Alan Scherstuhl in The Village Voice 
Aug 2, 2014
Greyhound is the frozen burrito of transportation!
Commenter pierre mclopez, Flyertalk
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