Aug 6, 2014

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Aug 6, 2014
The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.
C.G. Jung (via wordsnquotes)

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Aug 2, 2014
I think that a huge problem is people who read comics and don’t understand the point of superheroes, which is to be the best version of yourself. You love Captain America? Well, you know what Captain America would never do? Go online anonymously and shit on a girl for having an opinion.
Brian Michael Bendis, quoted by Alan Scherstuhl in The Village Voice 
Aug 2, 2014
Greyhound is the frozen burrito of transportation!
Commenter pierre mclopez, Flyertalk
Jul 25, 2014
He wanted laborers to think of themselves as poets, and poets to think of themselves as laborers.

Edward McClelland on “Oil Can Eddie” Sadlowski, Salon

Jul 25, 2014
My mission is a combination of two things: taking the survivors who made it through a plague on a trip down memory lane where we can enjoy the soundtrack of our youth, and then turning younger guys onto this great music who might otherwise never have known about it — whether or not they have the wherewithal to know that they even have a gay heritage, given how mainstream gay people are becoming.
Bus Station John, quoted by Pete Kane in SF Weekly
Jul 25, 2014
Woolly minded people write woolly memos, woolly letters and woolly speeches.
David Ogilvy, “How to Write
Jul 22, 2014
If you and your husband are using the same yeast supply and are making bread in the same kitchen, and his dough always rises while yours sometimes fails, then it may just be the cussedness of things in general.
John Francis, commenter on Chowhound
Jul 22, 2014
You cannot fall, you are noble. The universe is a part of you and you a part of it. And every piece of it is made of science and magic. Every part of you is science and magic.
Anis Mojgani (via nerdlife1)

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Jul 16, 2014
There is too much journalism right now that is just based on people scraping the Internet and riffing off something else.

Editors are Americans too. We don’t want to help terrorists.

I don’t mind the word fired. I do not like the word former. It just sounds icky.
Jill Abramson, Cosmopolitan
Jul 14, 2014
It is always exciting to have an unusual lobster.
Michelle Costa, quoted by Doreen Leggett in Wicked Local
Jul 7, 2014
My greatest inspiration is a low bank balance.
Ludwig Bemelmans (h/t @NYHistory)
Jul 7, 2014
The reason these people do not want to see a fat body in a bikini is because traditionally, that garment is something a woman earns by proving herself attractive enough to exist.
Jenny Trout, Huffington Post
Jul 5, 2014
'The moral of the story is never to joke on the internet,' he said. 'Someone will say: “That sounds good,” and then you'll have to do it.'
Vincent Connare, creator of Comic Sans, quoted by Tim Dowling in the Guardian 
Jul 5, 2014
From a graphic standpoint, Derek Van Gieson lays on the ink with a jackhammer; thematically, he’s dredging some infernal pits of the collective psyche for images, characters, and surreal situations that add up to a nightmarish skull-fuck of a book.

Jason Heller, A.V. Club

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